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What are the Benefits of Auditing a Business Website?

by Admin, Published On : 16-Mar-2022

What are the Benefits of Auditing a Business Website?

by Admin, Published On : 16-Mar-2022

It's not always good news when an audit of your business website in the past two years comes up with unexpected results. By conducting a website audit, you'll be on the right track.

In recent years, Google has made significant changes in how it analyzes and ranks your website's pages. Any errors must be identified and corrected.

An important factor to consider is your website's User Experience/User Interface. Both this and not having an SSL Certificate on your website will ruin your chances of obtaining a high ranking; both will kill your chances of ranking high. When your website isn't mobile-friendly, you won't be able to get the most out of Google Search.

These days, you have to analyze the website closely to determine how it impacts your search engine ranking for keywords and phrases.

Is it necessary to audit a website in-depth? From the very first to the very last page of a site, make sure you look for all elements that were used in its creation. It is not enough to simply look at Meta Tags, Alternative Text, Headings, etc.

Here is what a deep Audit examines:

  • Content Overview (On-Page)
  • Keyword Focus
  • URL Structure
  • Title Tags
  • META Description
  • OG Tags (Open Graph)
  • Heading Tags (H1 - H6)
  • Content (Word Count, etc.)
  • Internal Linking and Anchor Tags
  • Global Performance Information
  • Global Rank
  • Country Rank
  • Category Rank
  • Ranking Audit
  • Keyword Ranking Status
  • UI & UX
  • Call to Actions
  • Mobile friendly?
  • Readability

And many more…

Here are some details of what an audit is about

Global Performance Information

Indicators to display how your website compares to the rest worldwide, nationwide, and within a particular industry.

Ranking Audit

Your website's ranking for key phrases and keywords is the subject of a Ranking Audit. A competitive ranking audit is an extension of this audit. The audit includes multiple metrics. Compare your ranking to your competitor's. A different audit element can evaluate how many keywords and phrases on a website rank in the top 5 search results as opposed to the next 20 or 50 positions. This will allow you to find more opportunities for ranking above 10.


UI stands for User Interface and UX for User Experience. While numbers cannot be used directly to analyze User Experience, a good User Interface and Look & Feel can be helpful. An enjoyable experience is largely dependent upon the user interface. A website should include Calls to Action, the text should be readable, and the site should be mobile-friendly, among other things. When performing search engine optimization, user signals are taken into account. 

Content Overview (On-Page)

In a comprehensive website analysis, content analysis is an important component. They analyze how you've identified and targeted the keywords people use to find your page in their keyword focus audit.

A good piece of content does not end here, however. Additionally, it is used to determine the quality of the content by measuring the appropriate word count within the text and applying the appropriate information to (non-visible) META tags such as description tags, image alt tags, and internal links. Are we ready to link this page appropriately to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter?

Indexing Overview

A website's indexing status is important for technical analysis since a search engine cannot index a website properly if it is not indexed.

It is essential to choose which pages to index and which not to index before indexing begins. A website can be indexed by the Google Search Bot in just a few minutes. Only a small percentage of a website's pages are indexed by the Google Bot. Analyzing your website in depth helps determine which pages to index and which to exclude from the index.

Linking Analysis Overview (Off-Page)

It is possible to find a "web" on the Internet! There are thousands of links connecting web pages. Both positive and negative links exist. Links between two resources need to have context. Both users and search engines benefit from this, and ranking is also affected.

The contextual value of all inbound links and the level of potential toxicity will be determined. As a result, a page's trustworthiness is determined. Search engines may consider links that are created solely to obtain higher rankings spam.

Bottom Line

In a detailed audit report, you will receive all the information you need regarding your website. The report will serve as a roadmap for making the necessary corrections to your website to improve its ranking.

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