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Voice Search Trend in 2021 Effecting Businesses

by Admin, Last Updated On : 09-Jan-2021

Voice Search Trend in 2021 Effecting Businesses

by Admin, Last Updated On : 09-Jan-2021

We are living in a Digital World in which technology is developing with each passing year. It not only pushes the boundaries of the business but also provides an opportunity for new technology in digital marketing. As we all know, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a pivotal component of digital marketing.

Voice search has become a vital part of SEO. Voice search is considerably more convenient and quick, therefore, consumers love this feature. Nowadays, voice search becomes a popular method of online search through smartphones, tablets, and many voice assistance such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Home.

But what is the voice search feature exactly, and how it works? The technology behind this is somewhat complicated but more compelling and productive. If a Digital Marketing Agency, optimizes its content for voice search, it can generate more traffic and rack up its SEO ranking to the next level.

What is Voice Search, and when was it started?

Frankly, the voice search is the ability to speak with the device or to make a request to search for online information by giving a voice command. With the introduction of IBM’s Watson in 2010, voice technology secures its spot. After that, Cortana by Microsoft (in 2014), and Google assistance (in 2016), and Google Home, was launched with a notable improvement from its beginning.

According to a statistic, 20% of queries with Google App and android mobile are done by voice search only. Comscore, a media analytical firm, has predicted that approx 50% of the customers will adopt this feature by the end of 2020. It clearly indicates that the popularity of voice search features is increasing day by day.

So, if you are running a Digital Marketing Company in the USA, you will be advised to stay informed of all the changes and make marketing strategies accordingly.

What will be the effect of Voice search on SEO?

No one can deny the reality that the voice search is modifying our reach towards technology. But the question is that How will it impact the SEO?

It’s a fact that we speak much faster than we type. This quicker, easier, and comfortable method is completely transforming the SEO and the way we use the internet before. Initially, the voice search is not a part of the Google algorithm, therefore, the results obtained were different from text-based results, but now, Google has also started to track Voice searches.

So, being in the business of digital marketing or if you are providing Website Designing Services, you will have to adapt this technology. Your content needs to optimize for voice searches, and it should be conversational.

According to an article written by All Business, 76% of the consumers of age 18-34, used voice searches to find a local business, last year. Let’s have a look, how it impacts:

  • Natural Language:

Advanced and reliable voice technology is well adapted to understand and follow the natural language. It not only enhances the users-experience but also makes you feel like you are speaking to a human. In 2018’s Internet Trends Report, Mary Meeker stated that 70% of English language voice searches were made conversationally.

  • Keyword Length:

Generally, the voice search query is longer than 3-4 keyword searches. You require to modify SEO technology by adopting long-tailed keywords along with phrases that are mostly used in conversations. According to data, the average length of a voice search keyword is 29 words.

  • Local Search:

According to research, almost 58% of the consumers, find a local business using voice search command, and 46% look for information regarding the voice search. You need to optimize your search for “Near Me” queries.

  • Ecommerce:

Almost 62% of consumers purchase voice assistance, and 40% use voice assistance before making any purchase. So, digital assistance must be a priority for online retailers.

  • Question Words:

Being a marketer, you need to identify the queries that are commonly asked by the users. Short responsive queries will not produce more traffic to your website. According to SeoClarity, approx 20% of voice searches are triggered by 25 keywords like when, who, best, what, and top.

For example, if a user looking for the best digital marketing services in NewYork, he might use keywords like Who provides the best

Digital Marketing in New York?

If you want to win the race, you must be aware of all the facts. Voice search technology is something you can’t afford to lose if you are in Digital Marketing Business. By investing in voice search optimization, you can reach up to more people, and it will help you to expand your business fastly.

Apart from that, the voice search will help you to beat your competitor by generating more traffic to your website. So, it's time to start using this leverage beneficial feature to influence your global market growth and reap the fantastic benefits sooner.

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