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SEO vs PPC:- Take Your Right Decision Wisely

by Admin, Published On : 06-Apr-2021

SEO vs PPC:- Take Your Right Decision Wisely

by Admin, Published On : 06-Apr-2021


The question will remain a hot debating topic when it comes to investing money in the expectation of a profitable outcome. If you are a digital marketer and wanted to conclude whether SEO is better or PPC then you certainly have come to the right place. Here, we have elaborated on each aspect of SEO and PPC and concluded the final answer in the last part.

Let’s begin it now.

Before delving deeper into this topic, let’s have an overview

It depends on which industry you are dealing in and what are your objective- based on these two most considerable factors you can find the answer. Different strategies work for different business modules and it depends on your objectives, your budget, and your business goal.

Benefits of PPC & SEO

PPC is a great way if you want an instant return on your investment. There is no doubt that PPC is a proven formula to boost sales and see instant growth, but the consistency of return is quite short. Let’s take an example here. You as a businessman have a budget to spend 3000$ a month and you choose to spend it on Google AdWords ads which in return gives you loyal customers, subscribers, and heavy exposure. But your budget is finished now. You have to spend the same amount next month to get the same exposure. In short Pay Per Click (PPC) ads have limited value.

On the other hand, if you keep the same budget for SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) and invest in manpower, paid links, and content marketing, you would have got something more valuable that works in the long run. But the amount invested is much lesser than what was used for PPC. Making your website visible on the search engine for a longer term assures you a consistent amount of traffic and long-term brand value. You can apply the same strategies of creating quality content, building high-quality authoritative backlinks, and promoting your content through content marketing to maintain consistency.

This short discussion concludes that when you invest in PPC, your website ad will be visible on top of organic results and you will be charged for every click you get while on another side in SEO, you get traffic for free of cost.

Depending on your business target, you can take advantage of using the right mix of SEO and PPC. Read more to know how...

Take a look at the benefits of both these successful Digital Marketing Categories

  • SEO Benefits

SEO utters organic traffic from search engines and along with it, the process comes out with plenty of other benefits.

  • Brand Awareness

Your potential customers know about you when your brand comes on top of the search engine and in the view of targeted customers. This way, SEO drives brand awareness and people started recognizing your business for particular search terms.

  • Branding

When your website appears around a commercial search term,  it gets visibility, and when people read the information on the searched term, your brand gets attention. You will be recognized as an authoritative website that makes a positive impact.

  • Website Traffic

Doing SEO is similar to seeding a plant which doesn’t give instant results but the outcomes come in the future. When your website gets traffic from SEO, you get to see a higher conversion rate which drives awareness and turns traffic into a converted lead.

  • No Cost for Click

You are not charged for the clicks your website gets from the search engine. It is free of cost and this is probably one of the most prior reasons why people choose to do SEO.

  • High ROI

Organic traffic from SEO is a real form of getting higher ROI. It is a success over traditional paid methods which sometimes keep investors at loss. The total cost invested in SEO is much lesser than the amount invested in PPC.

  • Consistency

If you are in compliance with the right SEO terms according to search engines and have not done anything that goes against search engine policies then chances are that your website will be stuck in the position it has attained and only a lighter fluctuation can happen.

Websites consistency is the key that assures you every benefit we have mentioned above and SEO is a #1 formula to be a consistent player in the ranking game.

PPC Benefits

Here are some points why would a business look at paid search. Following are the benefits PPC offers.

  • Page Position

When your ads get a position in the top 4 results, your website is likely to get many page views and there will be enormous traffic. The ads will be displayed and receive views no matter whether the visitor scrolls the post.

  • Visual Product Ads

When you see a product via Google search ads, you get an option to visualize product ads that can help a user decide which product they are going to buy. This way, the click-through rate will be improved and a higher ROI can be guaranteed. People clicking on your shopping ads are more likely to buy the product and hence it proved to be an effective budget-saving method.

  • Budget

You are allowed to set a budget and decide what will you be spending per day and fix the limit of it. You can run ads within a fixed budget.

  • Stability

In AdWords, the chances of result fluctuation are null, unlike organic results. Changes in position can happen but there will not be a vast impact and they are easily manageable too.

  • Cost

Depending on the country and region you are targeting, PPC costs vary from demographic size and targeting keywords. Running international ads can cost a spiral but the result relies on how successful the ad has performed.

For a long-term outcome, you can choose SEO, whereas PPC assures you more sales but only for the short term.

Now, we are wrapping this topic here. We hope it works for you. For more detailed information, connect with the best SEO services company, Cefnogi.

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