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Partner with us to have an incredible user experience across all devices. We are one of the top-notch responsive web design companies. We help our clients to transform their websites into a powerful sales tool for their business.

As we are fastly moving towards digitalization, people shifted from PC, and laptops to handy smartphones. If your website doesn’t work on the phone, there is a high risk of losing a good number of clients. And, no one wants this. Don’t worry. We will help you to make your website look beautiful and respond seamlessly to online visitors.

Our top-class professionals use the latest technology and smart strategies to develop a website compatible with every device, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops.

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Why you need a responsive website?

We all know that today most of the internet searching is done by mobile phones. And it’s quite obvious because we have our mobile phones with us every time, not our desktops and laptops. Here are some studies that say that:

  • 57% of the users switched the website if their website is not working on their mobile phones.
  • Approx 60% of the website traffic is generated through mobile phones.
  • Almost 85% of the users think that a company’s mobile website should be as good as the desktop version.
  • Around 75% of the consumers turn to the mobile search for their immediate needs.

If you look back, these things are not new. Earlier, businesses used to maintain two websites, one is the desktop version, and the other is the mobile version. Many are continuing this old ritual. But, it’s not feasible for the long term as it is hard to maintain.


Note: Many of us confuse responsive websites with mobile-friendly websites. These are not the same. Mobile-friendly websites look good on mobile screens, while a responsive website allows your website to adapt to the screen user open.

Conclusively, a responsive web design is budget-friendly and easy to maintain. Also, it saves you time and retains more clients if you are looking for long term.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of responsive web design services.


Maintaining separate websites for different screen types gets very expensive. A responsive web design helps you save time and money. All you need is to invest your time and money in responsive web solutions, and you can cut all other expenses effectively.


Responsive web sites allow you to make changes without much ado. You do not need to change various websites again and again. Well, that is one of the tremendous advantages of having a responsive website. It makes everything quick and easy.

Better User Experience

User experience is all we are working for. We want our clients to get engaged with our website, and it’s only possible when your website is convincing and easy to use. Loading time is crucial. Usually, users don’t like to visit a website that takes more time to load. It seems like you are not taking things professionally. And, no one takes the risk of doing business with the unprofessional.

Responsive web design offers a better user experience and leaves a professional impression on the visitors. And it matters a lot.

Easy to Handle

Most of the business makes a mistake that they do not bother refreshing their business website because they find it hard to handle and manage regular updates on their website. Don’t worry. Responsive web design solutions will help you to overcome this situation. You can quickly control and handle your websites without any stress.

If you get in touch with the latest technology updates, you must be aware that Google recommends responsive web design patterns nowadays. Now, it’s your turn to choose the best for your business.

How do we work to provide the best web design services?

At Cefnogi, we conceptualize a fluid web design that caters to all user’s needs on all devices. If you are looking for better graphics, more accessible and mobile approaching website designs, partner with Cefnogis’ web design services today.

  • Access any device, anywhere

We make a versatile website that will be compatible with various devices from computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches.

  • Advance technology

We apply the latest and edge-cutting technology to create attractive and friendly websites. With us, you will experience the best only...

  • Compacted information

As per today’s trend, you will need a mobile-friendly website. We create strategies to compact all the information you need and develop a mobile-friendly web-design for you. 

  • Quick and crisp

Having a responsive website means you don’t need to deal with unaligned graphics, text, and buttons. Your website will look handy, stylish, and have all the features in it.

  • Refined Codes

We build a responsive web design using refined programming languages like CSS3 and HTML5. We ditched flash for them because they provide automatic web page sizing and flexible media retrieval.

  • Optimized images

The size of the screen varies with different devices, so do the images. The images will automatically reformat and size to fit on every screen. So, the users will always see a clear image with high resolution, no matter what device they are using.


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Why Us?

Are you looking to spur your growth?

If yes, then first you need to know what your audience wants from you?

Most customers go with a website that loads quickly, contains all the information they are looking for, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Apart from that, it’s the visual appearance of a website that attracts and engages audiences.

Why choose us over various web design services?

It’s the first question that comes when you are hiring responsive web design solutions. Designing a responsive website needs creative thinking that comes with years of experience. Here are some reasons why you choose us:

  • We have a qualified team of web designers who have the skill and talent to design a creative and visually appealing website to engage more users.
  • Our developers are familiar with all the latest innovations and technology to provide the most advanced web design solutions.
  • We are a step ahead of our competitors and focus on trends, techniques, and business requirements.
  • We follow the user-centric approach and draft a design based on what users want. We understand what it takes to deliver a real-time user experience.
  • We believe in building long-term relationships. We have a transparent approach and work hard to deliver on-time quality solutions to our customers.
  • We offer flexible plans that suit the requirements of the users.

Try us out and experience growth in your company’s business graph. Our creative thinking, user-centric approach, the highly qualified designing team will help you to create an exceptional brand experience through your website. We utilize numerous tools for a consistent experience on every device.