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Online Paid Advertising

We at Cefnogi have won badges in displaying ads so perfectly so that every click counts.

Partner with us to boost website traffic, increase your sale and generate revenue.

It takes time to get organic reach and sometimes our business requires instant results. This is where online paid advertising comes into play. It displays your ad to the target customer and converts lead into sales. Therefore, it is wise to invest in online paid advertising as the market is seeing leaps and bounds and investment in the advertisement assures a profitable return.

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How do we expand your business with our online paid marketing services?


Your business needs a boost and online paid advertising is a perfect choice if you need quick results with outstanding income. Not only people will interact with your business displayed on search engines and social media platforms but also it will gain quicker results.

Depending on how you want your targeted audience to engage with your ads, you can place them and showcase your offerings. Right from PPC advertising to social media campaigns to display marketing, you can choose services depending on which platform you wish to choose for online brand marketing.


PPC Advertising

For a real-time result and overnight sale, PPC advertising is an ideal option to go with. Basically, it shows your ads on the top of the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page). One of the most common forms of online paid marketing, PPC gives you a higher ROI on each penny spent. We at Cefnogi Solutions have experience in generating leads from PPC advertising for clients dealing in different business domains.

PPC allows you to create your ad based on country, time, and location. Plus, you get an insight report of the performance your ad has made. This helps you optimize your ads in such a way so that it can guarantee you maximum ROI on less investment.


Social Media Advertising

Social media is a great platform to find who your target customers are. Based on demographics and interests, social media ads allow you to advertise your product and get your ads displayed directly to the target audience. This way, your ad not only builds your social identity but also aids in converting leads to sales. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram allow you to run your campaign ad and make it visible for a greater return and brand promotion.


Display Advertising

Display advertising gets you a unique approach to make your ads visible on different websites in different forms. Haven’t you seen ads on websites in the form of banners, audio, and videos? That’s all done through display advertising. We at Cefnogi can do this better than anyone else. Your website traffic will increase as well as your brand promotion will be done when you take paid internet advertising from a reputed firm like Cefnogi Solutions.

Features of Online Paid advertising

We put our step forward only after thorough research. Researching what your keywords are, who your target customers are and what your business goals are, we always prioritize basic elements of a business. After basics, we analyze the competitor, running PPC campaigns, to understand where and what we can do to be ahead amongst all.

Once done with research and analysis, we analyze and create roadmaps to execute paid online advertising campaigns precisely. We plan your advertising copy, create landing pages, choose the country, target, and more. We ensure not to miss even a single point to make your ad campaign a true success.

Account setup is the next step of our work process. Before running the ad with a set budget, we cross-check everything especially ad optimization. It consists of the target country, sub-location, keywords optimization, bids, etc… The motive behind ad optimization is to make it worthy enough so that it can achieve more than expected.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to know how many people are engaged with the specific ad campaign. Even it was not easy to determine how many of them have purchased your products. But nowadays, a lot has changed. Advertisers now have the complete authority to access the ad tracking data for the ad campaign they are running. Marketers can measure, revise ads as well as a test when it comes to users interacting with the online campaign.

In the process of reporting, the progress can be measured, knowing about the value and work on following all the steps which will help in improving the market performance and fulfilling the goals. To bring the revenue, generate leads, and give every information about how things are working. If there are any problems coming in our way to success? What steps needed to make an improvement. These all come under the reporting factor. We assure you to provide a better strategic plan which will definitely help each aspect of your business.




1- What is Online Paid Marketing and how does it help to grow your business? 

It is basically the advertising strategies that provide a business a transparent outlet for accessing the market performance. With this, you can bring more traffic as well as leads to your website by purchasing the ad spots. These ads will be shown on the top of the designated websites. When you are into online paid marketing, you will realize that you are in a healthy situation as your business will start to rise. And at Cefnogi Solutions, we have our advertising process. 

2- Paid Marketing Campaign? What is it? 

Paid Marketing or Digital Advertising through which any of the brand or enterprise can easily target a potential number of customers by considering their interest, what they want as well as how they have previously done their interactions with other brands regarding business planning. 

The ads are pretty affordable and measurable too. To reach a huge number of targeted audiences And to know about what is going on, what is going to work, and whatnot? So that it can be tweaked out. The paid marketing campaign is very much easier than SEO, and there are chances that it will give faster results. 

3- What are the steps to start a paid media campaign? 

Here are a few steps which will help you to start a paid media Campaign. 

  • Have a clear vision of your budget and how much you can invest.
  • The objective has to be set while choosing the platform or niche you have to put your resources in such as the time as well as the money.
  • Know about your target audience; know what they are searching for? Is the product or services you are offering satisfying them or not?
  • The bid level and the day when you have started and ending the campaign must be noted down.
  • Ad set must be created.
  • Make the campaign into action.
  • Look at the ways to manage the results.