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Know All About the Google Latest Update Nov’21

by Admin, Published On : 04-Dec-2021

Know All About the Google Latest Update Nov’21

by Admin, Published On : 04-Dec-2021

The Core Google update for Nov'21 has been released. Google has released its core update for the third time in 2021. What has Google announced this time around? Have any new changes been implemented?

There was no announcement on the Search Liaison Twitter account like Google has done for all previous announcements of core updates relating to Google Search Central.

The launch started at around 11 am ET. 

The rollout was said to have begun by 11 am ET. Currently, the core update for November 2021 has already been released. In general, the core update usually takes between one and two weeks to be completed."

During the holiday season. It's somewhat surprising that Google is rolling out this update a couple of weeks before the height of the online holiday shopping season. The update will go live today, less than two weeks before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Matt Cutts, a former Googler, said in an interview that Google took holidays before the holiday shopping season as a gift to webmasters.

Core Updates from Previous Releases

The most recent core updates were the July 2021 and June 2021 updates; the latter was a major release, but it took a while to roll out. After that, the core update for December 2020 and the update for December were very large updates, bigger than May 2020, and those updates also rolled out over a couple of weeks. The core update of January 2020 was analyzed over here before this one. In the previous update, September 2019, it was examined. SEOs and webmasters regarded that update as weaker than previous core updates because it didn't have the same impact as previous ones. As well as the November update, Google released an update relating to local rankings. 

You have been hit. Here's what you should do. 

If you are negatively affected by a core update, Google has previously provided advice on how to deal with it. To recover from a negative ranking impact, you don't need to take any specific measures, and in fact, your pages may not even be at fault if the results are negative. There are some questions you need to ask your site if it is affected by a core update, though. The biggest improvements would be after another core update, Google said. After a core update, you will notice some improvement, but after another core update, you will notice the biggest difference.

Is it worth caring about? 

You may see a change in the search results when Google updates its search ranking algorithm. To determine whether the update was caused by changes you made to your website or if it was caused by the changes Google made to its algorithm, it is important to be aware of when Google makes these updates. A core ranking update will be released by Google in the coming weeks. Be sure to monitor your analytics and rankings for changes.

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