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HTML & Bootstrap CSS: Everything You Need To Know

by Admin, Published On : 27-Jan-2022

HTML & Bootstrap CSS: Everything You Need To Know

by Admin, Published On : 27-Jan-2022

When you're designing a website for your business, you probably have a long wish list. Be sure your brand is represented in the design. You need to have the functionality you need without exceeding your budget to meet the needs of your visitors. Also, you should create a responsive design so that elements like buttons and forms display consistently no matter what device or browser your visitors are using.

Bootstrap can help you check off the last item on your list. Free to download and use, Bootstrap is an open-source framework for quickly creating mobile-friendly sites. This will save you from starting from scratch since it offers reusable code. 

By using the Bootstrap CSS framework, a Bootstrap CSS website is responsive and mobile-first. The Toolkit contains several pre-built components, including a responsive grid, CSS global settings, buttons, navbars, and forms. The code can easily be streamlined with JavaScript plugins.

Even though Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework, it can also be used to develop HTML, CSS, and JavaScript websites.

After understanding that CSS is generally easier to learn and faster in browsers than JavaScript, the explanation should be clear. Bootstrap developers strive to avoid this by using CSS over JavaScript whenever feasible. Bootstrap includes more CSS than JavaScript, so it is much lighter.

Bootstrap is especially popular with front-end developers and beginners because it makes creating responsive websites easier and faster. However, it's not recommended by everyone. 

Why Bootstrap?

  • Bootstrap is the default toolkit for many front-end developers. It appears on 22.1% of websites. 
  • Bootstrap's popularity is attributed to several factors. There is free software available for download and use. You can customize this software according to your specific needs, and it is compatible with any modern browser. CSS frameworks are, however, mostly the same. 

What sets Bootstrap apart from other development toolkits?

  • Mobile users were taken into account when developing the software. A mobile-first approach means the code was optimized for small screens first, before being scaled up for larger screens later. Additionally, Bootstrap CSS enables your site to appear correctly on all devices and to be zoomed with a touch.
  • Another reason for Bootstrap's popularity is its simplicity. In addition to typography, forms, buttons, drop-down menus, and navigation, the templates also include other interface components. You can add features to your site without writing any code with pre-styled templates.

When to Use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is used for a number of reasons. 

  • 1. Your website should be mobile-friendly.

With Bootstrap, creating a responsive website is much easier than starting from scratch. With Bootstrap, you can select from a variety of responsive styles, including containers and media queries. So, your visitors can access your site using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device without any problem. 

  • 2. Saving time is important to you. 

A website can be built quickly and easily with Bootstrap. You can start with the framework before adding the components you need by downloading it. HTML elements such as tables, forms, buttons, images, and icons can be styled using modifier classes as well as a base class. When you use this pre-designed component, the amount of custom CSS you have to write is dramatically reduced.

  • 3. You have experience with HTML and CSS.

Although Bootstrap is simple, HTML and CSS are still required to use it. You will benefit from understanding the CSS box model when using the container class and constructing your first Bootstrap grid. Fortunately, you don't need to know much about coding to get started. 

  • 4. You have several people working on your website.

If you have multiple collaborators, consistency is essential. Your blog may have a different typeface than anywhere else on your site, or your homepage buttons may look quite different from your landing page buttons, and so on. When you use Bootstrap, its default settings, utility classes, and component elements, you can ensure consistency on your front end.

  • 5. Community is important to you.

Bootstrap is an open-source framework, so an international community of developers and designers supports it. GitHub is a platform where developers and designers collaborate on Bootstrap's codebase. We also provide dedicated Slack rooms, Twitter, and Stack Overflow forums for answering questions. Bootstrap allows you to tap into this active community to improve your knowledge of the framework.

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