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How To Use Mobile App As A Brand Marketing Channel

by Admin, Published On : 31-Dec-2021

How To Use Mobile App As A Brand Marketing Channel

by Admin, Published On : 31-Dec-2021

With the shift into the 21st century, mobile phones have evolved from being a communication tool into an essential business tool. Mobile devices, tablets, etc., are becoming increasingly important due to technology's rapid advancement. Although QWERTY keypads were necessary, it was software that made phones our true companions, not hardware upgrades. 

Modern mobile phones come with powerful operating systems that are very similar to what can be found on computers and laptops. Mobile app development has resulted from this technological advancement. This led to the immediate and vibrant growth of this industry. At the same time, laptops and desktop screens were steadily declining in popularity. Therefore, web developers started creating mobile-responsive websites. Additionally, there were companies that were expanding; few noticed the opportunities that had been created.

Some of the industry's biggest players have been developing mobile apps for some time now since they realized they could increase revenues. It was a channel with enormous potential.  The popularity of business-oriented mobile apps has increased rapidly in recent years. Smartphones and tablets have transformed the way companies conduct business. These high growth rates can be attributed to easy data access, a good user experience, and a great user interface.

Mobile apps enable customers to access business information on the go and stay in touch with their favorite brands. The revenues generated by mobile applications now exceed $50 billion. The app market is still in its infancy. No matter how big it may seem, there is still much room for growth. Making substantial profits is possible when your business logic is correct and your apps are effectively marketed. The adoption of technology will affect every business today, but unless a business sells offline, it will be affected. Businesses need to understand that in today's competitive environment, no matter how big or small they are, the ability to sustain a business can survive just by marketing offline. There are countless benefits for everyone associated with mobile marketing today and it is much more effective than it has ever been.

Why do Mobile Apps have a higher Success Rate?

We spend more time on the internet than any other type of media. Mobile devices and tablets are our primary devices. After the greatest pandemic in history hit, the use of mobile smart devices increased by 1000%. We all have our own homes and use our phones for a variety of purposes every day. Mobile apps account for 90% of our phone usage. We can build customer databases through the apps, improving our business visibility. Moreover, mobile apps provide a much more innovative way to communicate with our customers. Our employees are also kept up to date on company events, product launches, etc. so that they are always informed about what's going on at our company.

Businesses can use mobile applications to retain and attract customers. The majority of customers search online before making a purchase. By offering our services online and by offering apps that users can download to their smartphones, we can make a good impression on our business.

An overview of the types and platforms of Applications

In order to grow our business, we need to develop a mobile application or a mobile website. Our two options differ significantly when it comes to targeting our users. Our business information can be accessed via a mobile website, our products can be marketed more effectively through mobile apps.

  • Selection of platforms

Apple's iOS and Google's Android are the most popular operating systems. Apple's iOS is used in smartphones and tablets; Android is used in devices. Many other platforms are also available. In general, businesses can choose between iOS, Android, and HTML5. Both iOS and Android have a large user base, so they are today's most popular platforms. Android users have access to free apps, while Apple users have to pay a small fee to use certain features. An alternative is using the HTML code. Most mobile devices support HTML.

  • You can make money by making an app

Today, new and powerful industries have been born due to the integration of technology into old industries. As a result, Edtech, MediaTech, and many others weren't actually born - they were simply Education and Media. Because of this, businesses now spend much of their budgets on apps and technology. You should start by thinking about how you are going to make money from the application. This is the most important aspect. There's nothing wrong with making an app that is just a fun game. We have to seriously consider how our apps work with business logic if we want to build our businesses around technology.


Instead of attempting to start the development of anything, we must build a powerful product. The challenge of finding a truly useful product can be a bit challenging regardless of business and industry. The good news is that tech can be added to it and businesses can add to it as well. Almost every client's application at Cefnogi Solutions includes business logic; we want their success to be the only goal for every client. If you have business logic queries that are not working, reach out to us. We are a service business where our client's success is, at the end of the day, our success.

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