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Keeping your WordPress Website secure is Crucial But how?

by Admin, Published On : 17-Mar-2022

Keeping your WordPress Website secure is Crucial But how?

by Admin, Published On : 17-Mar-2022

Some people don't seem to worry about the security of WordPress websites. Many people realize that security is important only after their site or blog has been hacked. You can choose from a variety of content management systems. Among the most popular and user-friendly is WordPress. On the other hand, hackers and spammers frequently target this platform.

A recent report claims that nine of ten hacked sites are WordPress sites. It is important to remember this, even though WordPress is one of the most secure platforms. Properly maintained and secure websites are less likely to be targeted by hackers. Unpopular platforms are rarely targeted by hackers. WordPress accounts for 61% of websites on the internet today.

You may wonder why your website is at risk, even though you receive very little traffic. Small, unpopular websites are often targeted by hackers for destroying important files or stealing data. The spammers send spam emails to your website users using your server. Hackers will install spam-sending software on your site after they have hacked it, which will bombard you with spam emails. Additionally, you will not be aware that someone is trying to take advantage of your server without your consent.

The need for fear is nonexistent. Here are a few tips for securing WordPress websites that we will share with you.

Make sure you don't install free plugins claiming to be premium

An online business on a tight budget can be challenging, so saving money is a top priority. This is something we appreciate. If you are interested in downloading premium plugins, you should not follow the policy of the website that sells them. Reinstalling a plugin is best done on the plugin's official website.

A free plugin can contain malware that infects your computer. You may want to purchase the plugin from the official website of the service provider.

To ensure your important files are protected, use .htaccess

If You have probably accessed and used the .htacces file since you have been using WordPress for some time now. Your site's security will greatly improve as soon as you change this file.

First, you need to learn about .htaccess if you have never used it. Your web server configuration is handled by this file. Additionally, it contains rules that your web server uses in handling your website's files. The purpose of this file is primarily to generate user-friendly URLs for each web page. Furthermore, security-related changes can also be made to your website with its assistance.

You can perform the following actions with the file to help secure your WordPress website:

  • IP addresses with suspicious behavior should be blocked
  • The directory browsing feature has to be disabled
  • Providing access to WP-admin to certain IP addresses
  • Detect and block bad bots

Hide the usernames of your authors

Using WordPress default settings is not recommended. Most WordPress users know what the default username is for each website. WordPress often defaults to the administrator username as the author. This must be changed. If you don't change it, it will be easier for hackers to access your website and use its contents and other features.

You are good to go if your site has multiple authors but no administrators. Having a small website and being the only administrator and Arthur might require you to create a separate user. Don't forget to assign the author role to the user. Because you would not grant all of that user's rights, your website would not be able to make the necessary changes. You should limit the user's access to your website.

Hiding your login page

It won't be enough if you hide log-in pages and files. Despite all this, hackers will still be able to get access to your WordPress website. The process at least makes hacking your website more difficult. If you use the right plugin, you can hide your site login page in a matter of seconds.

If you rename or move your WordPress login page, a hacker will have more difficulty accessing your site. Automation is the most common type of attack. Due to this, if you have a unique login page on your website, attackers will have to put more effort and time into attacking you.

You can choose from a variety of plugins to help you accomplish this task. This can be achieved by using WPS Hide Login, for example.

Hire a Reliable Host

Statistically, three out of ten websites are hacked due to their vulnerability. This vulnerability is often due to the hosting platform. The most secure host is therefore the best choice. A good host should have the following features:

  • Detection of malicious files and malware scanning
  • Themes that update automatically
  • The protection provided by a firewall
  • This is a word WordPress optimized post
  • MySQL and PHP are supported on the most recent version

Bottom Line

Selecting a hosting company involves several factors. A reliable and popular company is the best option. For those seeking tips to secure their WordPress websites, we at Cefnogi Solutions suggest following the advice given in this article. If you are serious about what you are doing, you should not ignore the security aspect of your website. Your website's security must be taken seriously.

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