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How to Grow Your Business with Video Marketing

by Admin, Published On : 16-Jun-2022

How to Grow Your Business with Video Marketing

by Admin, Published On : 16-Jun-2022

Today's fast-paced world requires new, innovative ideas to make your product or service stand out among the sea of marketers fighting for the attention of your prospects. Even though video marketing isn't new, it has proved to be a very effective method of marketing in the past few years. A humorous video message has been sent to you via email or a heartfelt video message has been sent to you?
Since most people are busy, watching a two-minute video is preferable to reading a similar article for 15 minutes. Nevertheless, only 60% of B2B marketers use pre-produced videos as content marketing strategies, and only 10% utilize live streaming.
If you need further proof of how video marketing can benefit your organization, consider the following.

  • An increase in conversion rates is achieved with video

According to HubSpot, videos placed on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. A video featuring a captivating presenter can undoubtedly affect buying behavior and inspire visitors to convert into leads (or leads to becoming customers!) when compared with reading the same content. Your business can benefit from video marketing if you use it to evoke the right emotions. You can also use them as references, instructions, or examples, depending on the perspective you're taking.

  • It is a great idea to incorporate video into your email marketing campaigns

Every one of us is inundated with emails, and it's becoming harder and harder to get someone to read yours.

There is an increasing number of emails that flood our inboxes, and finding someone to read them has become increasingly difficult. By including the word "video" in your subject line, you can reduce unsubscribes and boost open rates. Emails with videos are clicked on at a rate of 200-300 percent higher than emails without video - a staggering increase. It is difficult to argue that watching a video is more convenient than sitting and reading text in most situations, can it? When describing how to use your product or expressing something that can't adequately be expressed in words, this can be very useful.

  • It is common for search engines to show video results

Search engines are looking for content that engages viewers. A video is the most effective method of getting more visitors to your website and increasing their time spent on it

YouTube is also the second most popular search engine after Google, making it one of the most popular websites in the world. Your visibility, and chances of appearing in search are greatly increased when you post your video both to YouTube and to your website. Additionally, if you boost your film's exposure through social media, you increase its chances of being discovered dramatically!

  • Credibility and confidence are enhanced by video

Video is an excellent method to give your company and brand a personality while also allowing you to interact with your audience and gain their trust. Product videos are beneficial in the decision-making process, according to 90 percent of users. The more films you have to educate and inform your clients, the stronger your trust will become. And that transfers into trust.

  • A video is a helpful tool for social sharing

There is no doubt that viral videos are the norm in our world. A staggering 92% of mobile video subscribers share videos with their friends. Take the opportunity to demonstrate your company's values while having fun.

Final Word

Videos can be easily marketed as long as you use your imagination. A how-to video or Facebook Live are two of the options you have at your disposal. All businesses should use videos, not just the major ones.

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