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How Does Free Apps Generate Revenue for Businesses?

by Admin, Published On : 12-Oct-2021

How Does Free Apps Generate Revenue for Businesses?

by Admin, Published On : 12-Oct-2021

Revenue-generating methods that used to be used by businesses are no longer viable. Nowadays, technology has advanced and business owners know what tactics to follow to generate revenue, thanks to the advancement in technology.

New strategies are not always affordable and affordable strategies are always too expensive. An important part of managing your time, money, and efforts is identifying which areas are worth your time, money, and attention. Regardless of a business’s size or budget, mobile apps have become increasingly important.

The importance of mobile applications cannot be ignored by businesses today. Applications are used for more than just making money, but for many business functions and operational efficiency as well. In regards to free apps, the most frequently asked question is how they make money.

It is the goal of a Mobile App development company to design a mobile app that is highly liked by the customers and has extremely attractive features. Expert mobile app developers put an enormous amount of time, energy, and dedication into developing any of the mobile apps, whether they are free or paid.

It's possible to make money using free mobile applications, and in the following guide, we will explore a few of them.

How much money can a free app bring in?

Mobile apps rarely reach a level that high in a year, despite their potential to generate billions of dollars. Despite this, they achieve incredible heights. As a result, making up a general number for the bat seems difficult.

It means the top 200 app stores generate upwards of $82,500 per day. The number can be reduced to $3,500 per day if we evaluate the top 800 apps in the play store.

As well, there are differences between categories. Apps for entertainment generate about $3,090 per day, while games average $22,00 per day.

The top monetization strategies used by free apps

Several strategies are used by freebie apps, here we have mentioned the most popular ones. Find out more.

  • Advertisements within the app

  • A freemium model

  • Purchases made within the app

  • Become a subscriber

  • Getting Sponsors and Partners for Your App

  • The crowdfunding model

  • Merchandise Sales to Consumers


  • Advertisements with in the App

Advertisements are one of the best ways to make money via free apps. The app owners know the fact that they are the ad publishers who can easily monetize the app by discussing with the advertisers to display ads. Once the ads will be displayed you will get the money for them.

However, what is the actual process? It is all managed by mobile advertising networks. Advertisers can easily sell space on it as it's almost like a marketplace. App developers will then include them within their apps.

  • The freemium model

Upselling premium features to free users is the goal. It is available for free with minimal features, however, the paid version includes full functionality, advanced features, and a more engaging experience. Ensure that your application delivers value and builds trust from the first session. When customers recognize that the service is useful, the utility is helpful, and the experience is fulfilling, they will invest in premium features. Customer dissatisfaction diminishes the likelihood of selling premium features. Regardless of whether you provide something for free or a fee, you should provide something exceptional.

  • Purchases made within the App

Purchases within the app are called in-app purchases (IAP). They add extra features, functionality, and virtual items which are highly liked by the users. These methods may provide users access to virtual currencies or other items. Games like Candy Crush and VSCO are examples of freemium apps. Consumables, non-consumables, and subscriptions generate most of the revenue from in-app purchases.

  • Become a Subscriber

Spending a budget on marketing and upgrading your app is much easier if your revenue stream is reliable and stable. Different subscription plans are available based on the users' groups, with prices and features determined accordingly. Additionally, users can subscribe to have updates provided by paying a fee, making it a more convenient option. For apps similar to streaming and news apps, this model is the best choice.

  • Getting Sponsors and Partners for Your App

You must offer a large audience or a niche audience that reaches the right audience and drives results to attract sponsors. Partnerships with other apps and products can enhance your product offerings and enhance the user experience. Therefore, sponsored apps and partnerships are a great way for you not just to earn revenue, but also to develop your product and offer your users a unique experience.

  • Crowdfunding

Since the beginning of this decade, crowdfunding has grown significantly in popularity. Crowdfunding is an excellent resource to raise money for your app. Other forms of securing funds are different from crowdfunding. Getting the support of a large crowd of people is necessary to accomplish crowdfunding for your app. Create a marketing campaign that describes your application and your vision to do that.

  • Merchandises sell to consumers

Purchases of products and merchandise will allow you to earn money outside of the app. Using your app to generate revenue allows you to sell products such as T-shirts, toys, collectibles, and other merchandise. A complementing or associated product can also earn you revenue from the app. These methods can also be used to monetize apps, but they have limitations and are intended only to earn additional income.

Final Words

However, by putting in effort and time, you will be able to make money. Develop a plan for making money by analyzing your target market. It is best to understand the needs and what he or she is looking for to make money.

The Cefnogi Solutions team is always available to assist customers in creating free mobile apps which can be used to generate revenue for their businesses in many ways. Team members with vast knowledge and experience develop mobile apps for customers. It is no longer a problem, just get in touch with Cefnogi and we'll handle everything.

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