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A Digital Marketing Glossary You Need to Know

by Admin, Published On : 11-Jun-2022

A Digital Marketing Glossary You Need to Know

by Admin, Published On : 11-Jun-2022

If you're new to Digital Marketing or the sector, you've looked for a means to expand your marketing vocabulary. Everything you need to know about marketing is all in one spot with the Marketing Glossary!!

The "what" and "why" of these phrases are the most important things to consider when discussing them. For instance, how would you characterize digital marketing? What is the mechanism behind it? This should give a pleasurable reading experience for all readers.

The following are the most significant terms in digital marketing that we should be aware of:

Creating Leads

The process of generating inquiries or consumer interest in the goods or services you supply is known as lead generation.

A page for Landing

A solitary web page is intended for marketing or advertising efforts only. Visitors come to this website by following a link they obtained via email, Google/Bing, or social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or YouTube).

Your landing page should ideally match your ad; for example, if your ad asks the user where they can find you, the "Contact Us" page should be used.


In the world of digital marketing, impressions are sometimes referred to as advertisement views. It's termed an Impression because the viewer sees the advertisement as soon as it loads.

one impression = One view

When a single person views your ad for the first time, it is known as a single impression. When the same person views your ad many times, this is known as multiple impressions.


Someone who can influence other people's decisions before they buy or pick something is known as an influencer. They may make these selections based on variables such as knowledge, authority, position, or relationship with their audience.


A mouse "click" isn't difficult to understand. After viewing your ad, the user may click on it to go to your landing page.


When a visitor completes a desired action on your website, the conversion process begins. You can define whatever action you want your visitors to take after they arrive at your internet page, such as clicking on a link.

  • Subscribing to your eNewsletter
  • Filling up the user information form
  • Buying something over the internet

Rate of Conversion

The percentage of your total visitors who convert is known as your conversion rate. Having. A high conversion rate is critical to any marketing campaign's success.

PPC stands for pay per click

Advertisers place their adverts on ad platforms and pay a fee to the platform's host each time a click is performed, according to the Digital Marketing advertising model.

CPC stands for cost per click

The true cost per click in a PPC campaign is the cost per click you should pay.

CPA stands for cost per acquisition or action.

Under the Digital Marketing advertising paradigm, advertisers pay for specific acquisitions/actions. An email registration, a sale, a download, and so on are all examples of acquisitions. Because the user hitting the "Submit" button confirms that they are a real lead, "Submit" button clicks are generally regarded actions.

CPM stands for cost per mile.

Here, a mile = 1000.

The advertiser pays the cost of one thousand impressions.

CTA stands for "call to action."

After reading or hearing your content, the reader or listener should do this action. Register, Sign up, Download, and Share are all common call-to-action words.

CTR stands for click-through rate

CTR displays how many people clicked on your ad in addition to total impressions. As a PPC advertiser, your click-through rate has a significant impact on your quality score as well as the amount of money you make when someone clicks on your ad.

Return on investment (ROI) is a term used to describe the amount of

The difference between a gain or loss on investment and the amount invested is known as return on investment. The majority of personal finance decisions are made based on percentages.

Net Profit / Investment Cost = ROI

Using remarketing as a tool

It entails getting in touch with people who haven't taken the necessary or desired steps on your website. Marketing experts can use new advertising to target visitors and enhance conversion rates. Submitting a form or purchasing a product are two examples of desired actions.

Final Words

These are a few terms we've defined here to help you understand what we're talking about. Even though digital marketing is a wide area. You can learn more by conducting daily research and reading a variety of new materials.

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