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Developing a Chat Application using Flutter with Firebase

by Admin, Published On : 01-Oct-2021

Developing a Chat Application using Flutter with Firebase

by Admin, Published On : 01-Oct-2021

With so much technology progressing today, we have developed numerous chat applications, such as Whatsapp, Messenger Line, We Chat, etc. to facilitate our communication.

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat are among the most popular apps used nowadays by users. These apps are used by over 5 billion people worldwide.

We can see from this scenario that shortly, chat apps will rock ever more and be among the best business trends. Resulting in tremendous growth for businesses.

Nevertheless, the question which is arising here is how one can develop a chat application with the optimal features, and how one can implement advanced technology to do so?

This can be solved very easily by developing a chat app that utilizes Flutter in conjunction with Firebase, which results in leading chat apps that are highly valued.

By taking the help of Flutter with Firebase you can develop one very easily if you are one of those who want to develop an excellent chat app similar to Whatsapp, telegram, or WeChat. A fully developed version of it can be released to the Google Play Store and iOS app Store for it to be used by many people. You can find all the answers you need in this article.

Using Firebase and Flutter, how can businesses develop a chat app?

  • Firebase in chat app: sign in, sign up

A Firebase chat application that uses Flutter can easily sign in using your Facebook account. This is one of the most important features because it secures your data username. Let's learn how to make a Google account to get you started.

In addition to Google Sign-in, you can use CMD/terminal or Visual Studio Code; these will act as smoothed-out code supervisors and assist you with development services such as investigation, version control, and assignment running.

Create a folder for deleting the MyHomePage() stateful gadget in the library. After you have organized all the images and given them names, you'll create a widget in Sign-in. dart by using the framework, appBar, body, and floating buttons. Moreover, it would be easier to create the appBar in a separate document file, as it would be the same for each of the screens, making it easier to use in multiple displays.

  • Adding functionality with widgets 

To develop a successful flutter chat application, it is essential to coordinate the appropriate layout of plugins.

Using the right plugin arrangement, you can build a main Firebase chat application.

Install the Firebase plugin modules following the instructions for "Firebaseauth, Google Sign In, Cloud Firestore, and Firebase Storage" in the chat app. flutter app developers can help you construct a robust chat app with flutter plugins if you have trouble implementing them.

Flutter Chat Application

To sign in with your Google Account in a Flutter Firebase chat app, please consider the following plugins. In addition to providing you with the customer's information, these plugins allow you to upload messages and images in real-time.

Chat app developers should consider the following plugins:

  • Flutter with Firebase Auth

  • Sign in with Google

  • Flutter Cloud Firestore Plugin

  • To select photographs from the gallery, use the image picker.

  • To display a toast, use Fluttertoast.

  • Flutter and Firebase Cloud Storage


  • Create the app's screen layout.

Different screens are offered in the perfect chat program, including an enlisting screen, login screen, setup screen, landing page screen, and chat screen. This screen load is formed by putting together several code arrangements, which is why it's crucial to stick to the rules.

  • The layout of the Login Screen

When a client successfully signs in to an application, the return variable firebase user contains some basic information about the client, such as displayName and PhotoUrl. The user must validate whether they are a new or existing user before entering the login screen, which is done by simply sending a query to the server. If it's a new user, you'll need to add them to the database.

The layout of the Login Screen

  • An overview of the main screen

In addition to displaying all of the persons within a database, it also lists all of their epithets, about me, and avatars. If you need to go into more detail and want to create more fields, you can create a screen that displays all of the unique customer information.

overview of the main screen


  • Layouting the Screen

A user may edit their personal information on this page, including their symbol, name, and description. In addition to changing the access to primary fields, you can additionally enable the setup of additional fields on the primary page.

  • The layout of the Chat Screen

Clients are currently able to chat with their friends and vice versa using the chat screen. Because of this, the conversation screen is likely to deal with a wide variety of topics.

It is necessary to deal with back presses, so the root is WillPopScope. Rather than going back to the previous screen, hide the sticker or console if it's visible.

  • Flutter and Firebase integration

Following these steps will connect firebase chat on Android:

  • Sign up with your Google account or log in with your Firebase account.

  • Create a project, then go to Project Overview and type in "Package Name".

  • Download google-services.json and place it in the root directory of your Android app module.

  • Google-services dependencies should be added to the project-level build.


Hopefully, the procedures outlined in this article will assist you in developing flutter apps that use Firebase in-app messaging. However, completing these procedures may not be as simple as they appear because various issues may arise when working on the coding aspect. Connect with the Cefnogi Solution and get all your work done with the best professionals.

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