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Best 6 Ways to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2021

by Admin, Published On : 19-Jul-2021

Best 6 Ways to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2021

by Admin, Published On : 19-Jul-2021

Are you the one who is dreaming to become a top influencer marketer someday? Do you want to promote yourself globally and become popular on Instagram? Do you want to beat the Instagram algorithm and be on the list of top Instagram influencers? If you are someone who is willing or trying to become a successful influencer marketer someday, then this guide can work as a key for you.

Read on more to know how to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2021 and become a top influencer marketer. We have jotted down the best ways using which you can accelerate your effort to be a popular Instagram influencer. Unlike many who simply posts videos and tries to attract brands, you can try out these methods and stand out from the crowd.

Ever since the market has shifted online, every business is trying to flourish on digital channels and target their potential customers in an expanded manner. Though, gaining likes and followers on Instagram is no more a child’s play as the social media giant is changing its algorithm and making it more advanced than ever. However, there are several ways through which you can beat the Instagram algorithm and bring more acquisition to your business. In this blog, we have mentioned a complete set of methods to beat the Instagram algorithm and gain followers for business. Read on to learn how.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms in the current time. Whether it be trending content, latest stories, or IGTV videos, Instagram has got every age group people’s interest covered in all the ways. Before you get into the details to gain more likes and followers, let’s first understand the key factors that influence the Instagram algorithm.

Interest: What you like or show interest in, will likely appear on your Instagram feed. Instagram analyzes user's behavior and shows posts and ads according to users’ interests. In short, what you see on your Instagram feed is a combination of all your Instagram behavior. This algorithm aids a business to remain in view of the audience which eventually results in consistent audience engagement.

This way, a business or brand can remain consistent to interact with its target audience. Further, it passes a positive signal to Instagram and creates more opportunities for your target audience to connect with your content.

Relationship: Instagram truly cares about those with whom you are very close. They usually prioritize the posts from your close ones. By serving you the content you like, whether it is a post, video, or stories, Instagram shows ads and posts to you. Followings are the factor Instagram considers while prioritizing posts for you.

  • People whose content you like (videos, stories, etc,)
  • People you direct message
  • People you look for
  • People you have in your phone contacts

Following: If you have more followers who are inactive than those who are active then your posts on Instagram will likely get less ranking. You can fix it by manually removing or unfollowing those who remain less active or haven’t used the app from long ago.

These are some of the major factors Instagram usually takes into account while showing you relevant posts. Based on these factors, you can also strategize your business tactic

Now, to beat the Instagram algorithm in a broader manner, you can simply do a few things.

Regular posting: A popular saying is ‘consistency is key and this sentence fits right here as regular posting photos and posts on a daily basis can bring in more likes and followers. It is one of the easiest ways to gain more engagement and keep a profile fresh and active.

It is as simple as capturing a moment from the phone. You can even repost an image with a good caption. If you think posting posts or photos regularly is more hectic for you then you can simply schedule them.

Reels: Reels can do wonders for you. Reels on Instagram are something that brings more action from users. They spend more time watching them and quest to watch more. Reels and videos are great for storytelling, giving closer connection to users. They are more likely to follow a profile or page which posts reel on a daily basis. Using the latest features of Instagram, you can post reels that Insta loves to reward.

If you are not familiar with reel posting, planning, and strategy, you can simply connect with a professional Instagram influencer who can plan your reel's strategy to get more likes and followers. Be creative with your reels and make something that people go ga-ga over.

DMs Response: You may not know the happiness of getting a response to messages sent to favorite stars or pages we follow. With Instagram and Facebook's new algorithm that encourages you to reply to DMs right from the desktop, you should start responding to messages that are yet to be responded to in your message box. This generates positive messages as there are many Instagram users who post screenshots of replies sent by popular brands or celebrities. More and more people will start engaging with your posts and content.

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